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Virtual Training Superpowers: A Facilitator’s Discussion Guide

Virtual Training Heroes present online sessions every day, ready to do battle with distractions and remote working culture. 

And now that your superpower has been tapped, what does success look like? In what ways will you use this power to transform, innovate, connect, and spark your online sessions? How will you use the free activity that is mapped to your result from Kassy’s book, Interact and Engage?

We’ve been gathering teams together to discuss their results and plans for implementation. To help you have the same experience, we made a handy dandy facilitator’s discussion guide for you!

In it you will learn questions to ask that will inspire people to implement their superpowers into the next virtual training session they plan to deliver.

Cara’s Story

Cara North,  Learning & Development Consultant, Speaker, and Researcher with the visionary superpower of Transformation, was inspired by the Image Connect activity found on page 73 in my book, Interact and Engage

She requested learners take a picture of the assignment they had collaborated upon, and then using an interactive polling tool called AHA Slides, they uploaded their pictures to her presentation, in real time. 

From there, showcasing each team’s picture, she facilitated a lively discussion helping learners make connections while learning from one another’s experiences at the same time.

If you haven’t taken the quiz yet…

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