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Virtual training certifications

Wouldn’t it be great if learners raved about virtual training? 

Except Zoom meetings are boring. 

Especially when your learners spend half the time trying to connect. And the other half counting down to lunch . . .

So you researched potential fixes. You suggested break out rooms. Then whiteboards. Then polls. But nothing seemed to break the silence. 

My Virtual Training Hero Certifications helps your team get results! 

Kassy LaBorie Consulting LLC has been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute to offer educational programs that can be used towards initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials. Maximum points vary by course.


What Certification programs are offered?

4 Certification Programs
For facilitators, instructional designers, presenters, producers, and anyone who wants to lead better online meetings!
Multiple Online Sessions, Time Spaced

Empower yourself and your team to expand your virtual training and presentation skills with confidence! Join an engaging live online environment, participate in collaborative discussions, and practice designing, training, meeting, collaborating, and producing online. Explore and further learn your platform, plan for online and hybrid strategies, and create training and presentation materials ready for immediate use.

These programs provide an immersive skill building experience of engaging online training with practice, collaboration, team-building, and coaching. They are delivered entirely live online with an interactive online learning platform documenting the journey, and are time spaced according to your team’s schedule.

Select from four different certificate programs below. These multiple session programs are designed specifically for facilitators, instructional designers, presenters, producers, and anyone who wants to lead better online meetings! Advance your knowledge, skills, and behaviors in this modern digital age by earning these certifications.

Special Open Enrollment Offer

Public Virtual Facilitator Certification!

6 live online sessions

Every Monday, April 15–May 13

2:00–4:00 p.m. EST

Tuesday, May 14

2:00–4:00 p.m. EST

kassy laborie virtual facilitator

They won’t want to log off!

This certification empowers you to discover, cultivate, and apply essential skills for the modern age of virtual training, presenting, and facilitation.

This program qualifies for a maximum of 12 points from the ATD Certification Institute.

Applied Virtual Facilitation Certificate Badge

You are ready for so much MORE!

This specialized certificate is a customized coaching program designed for individuals aiming to elevate their distinct facilitation expertise.

This program will soon qualify for points from the ATD Certification Institute.

virtual designer badge

They will line up to deliver your programs!

This certification expands your expertise in crafting impactful virtual learning experiences in an increasingly digital world.

This program qualifies for a maximum of 10 points from the ATD Certification Institute.

virtual producer badge

What problems? They’ve been addressed!

This certification empowers you to provide the technical support needed to produce virtual events, using any platform with confidence.

This program qualifies for a maximum of 10 points from the ATD Certification Institute.

Virtual Training Tailored to Your Organization

Strategies to own the virtual Room

Because strategies create engagement. Not platform features.

Interactions help learners lean into the training. And actively sharing what they know.

That’s when your training program will make the impact you want.

The Training Role of the Future is here

Learn how virtual producers make training better for everyone.

No more discussion-killing lag time. Because they fix any tech issues!

Imagine how your learner performance would skyrocket if everyone focused on the learning the whole session.

Better Long-Term Coaching Starts with Better Inputs

Get a headstart on coaching your team long-term! Plus, build your team’s confidence with a celebration for finishing the certificate.

Become Virtual Training Heros

The JOURNEY to Level Up your Team


Assess Your Needs

Create an action plan for your organization.


Training Days

Strategies tailored for your team.


Follow Up

Formal meetings or participants can choose to keep in touch on LinkedIn.

virtual facilitator online training

Extras prepared just for your team:

I only take a certain number of clients a year. It’s how I can give my participants the most personalized experience possible.

Our Happy Clients

What Clients are Saying

As the primary consultant and founder, I design and deliver everything. I can change whatever isn’t working. Hear what people have to say about the Certificate Training Program.

“What a great way to learn new skills and improve on my existing virtual facilitation skills, thoroughly enjoyable, engaging workshop in a safe fully supported space, would recommend to anyone that wants to improve and have more engaging virtual technology meetings and training session, well done and thank you Kassy and the team for an enjoyable and fun training experience”.
ESI & Emerging Technology
I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to learn from the best in this business and level up my virtual facilitator skills. What amazes me is not only the wealth of resources that Kassy provides in this program, but also the camaraderie she quickly and easily built with every participant and easy-to-apply skills immediately into the workplace. I go back to the checklist regularly to ensure I am keeping my knowledge fresh. It also helped me to better understand how to engage my learners from afar. Adult learning is so fun, and Kassy made it a supportive environment for us all, not to mention building new relationships across our chapter and region!
Debbie Petru
Heritage Communities
“The virtual facilitator class was absolutely amazing. Kassy provided tons of resources, introduced me to tools that I hadn’t used before, and still managed to keep everything bite-sized and FUN! It was so interactive, and I took away way more than expected. Since the class, I have facilitated 10 workshops using ideas and skills I learned from Kassy to keep the reps engaged and asking for more. I highly recommend this class for any level of presenter/facilitator.”
Amber Kraus
Talent & Revenue Enablement Manager at Data Axle USA


My answer to most questions – “I’m Flexible”

No problem! I have training using WebEx, Adobe Connect, MS Teams, and more.

We find dates and times that work for both our schedules. 

Participants attend from their own computer. For the best experience, they should have an independent workspace and audio connection. I manage the virtual learning with Host access (provided by you). I can also Host in my own Zoom room if you prefer.

Don’t worry. Each session is recorded and participants can do make-up assignments.

Become a Virtual tRaining Hero

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