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Helping You deliver engaging & effective virtual classroom training

Hi, I’m Kassy LaBorie, the Original Virtual Training Hero.

Never feel sorry for offering zoom-only sessions again!

Virtual training is hard. Make what seems impossible, possible. I teach people to train and present  effective and engaging live virtual training and webinars.

Training frameworks are provided for global and national learning and development teams, from all companies, organizations, and even governments.  I work with learning and development teams from all different types of industries.

If you are a Training Director, Manager of Learning and Development or Global Talent Development Leader, these programs are for you.

Deliver interactive sessions time after time by:

  • Adding collaborative strategies so you never have to wonder what participants learned
  • Understanding the psychological reasons learners refuse to talk (and how to fix it)
  • Avoiding common tech disasters with my “Virtual Training Hero” launch method

Because a high score on your “smile sheet” isn’t enough. Get measurable results.



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Find out how your team can train virtually without sacrificing results. See strategies in action. Then, I’ll coach your team on my proven techniques.


Learn effective skills in just one event. Add small tweaks to engage learners. Improve performance. Increase learner satisfaction. And more.


I've written two books on virtual classroom training and producing, both published with ATD Press. Get a host of recipes, templates, and checklists to help you engage your virtual participants.


How it works - Virtual training Strategies

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Wouldn’t it be great if your team of trainers and producers had strategies to deliver amazing virtual training?

The Virtual Training Hero Certificates help your team make every training session count.

I recognize this doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your company culture matters!

That’s why I never deliver the same training twice. Your online virtual training program is built on your foundation — your learning objectives, your culture, and your business goals.

How to Build your Team’s Training Muscles for Greater Impact

  1. Simple strategies can transform “Blah” into “Aha” moments for your learners
  2. How to own your inner “radio star” so participants fall in love with your training
  3. Why listening (especially to the chat) is your #1 superpower for virtual learning transfer
  4. The only coaching program with feedback from the Original Virtual Training Hero

After only a couple sessions, your team is telling me how much better they feel. How they feel more confident using my training templates. How they feel like they own the virtual classroom with my launch sequences. And, how they feel like their learners are getting so much more out of the training! 

This can be your team. 

Confidently run interactive sessions and engage participants.


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Over 20 Years Helping Organizations

A glimpse into some of the incredible businesses I have been honored to teach.

What Clients Have to say

"Kassy is the best. Period. The best. I learned so much from her a few years ago when my employer, a publicly held regional banking organization, hired her to help us deliver live online training the best way possible. If you want to learn how to do distance or live online learning the right way, work with her -- you won't regret it."
Roland Prevost, M.A.
Sr. Change Management Consultant
“What makes the class so amazing is how Kassy connects with people. They feel at ease telling her their weaknesses. For seasoned professionals, that's probably the hardest thing. It’s difficult to admit that virtual training isn’t easy for them. She has a really great way of addressing when people aren't performing well. She doesn’t just say everybody's doing a great job. She helps people learn it.”
Krista Washbourne
Former VP of Learning at Lincoln Property Company
“As an alum of Kassy's certificate workshop, the skills learned will be well worth your time. Through this course, I've been able to recreate my online delivery style and develop a learning atmosphere that rivals any of my traditional classroom settings. The more I commit to these tactics, the more enjoyable the learning environment becomes - not only for the participants, but for myself as well. Kassy has truly helped me bridge the online divide!”
Colin DeClair, MSHRE, AVP
Associate Development Manager
“What a great way to learn new skills and improve on my existing virtual facilitation skills, thoroughly enjoyable, engaging workshop in a safe fully supported space, would recommend to anyone that wants to improve and have more engaging virtual technology meetings and training session, well done and thank you Kassy and the team for an enjoyable and fun training experience”.
ESI and Emerging Technology

Become a Virtual Training Hero

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Kassy is now offering public workshops! Free book with registration. Join us!