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Interact and Engage!

75+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars

Kassy LaBorie Interact and Engage 2nd Edition

Virtual learning experts teach presenters, instructors, and business leaders how to navigate and conquer the ever-changing online world.

There are several skills that are critical for online facilitators and for producers who support online events. Interact and Engage! provides a competency model for these skills. Creating outstanding virtual meetings, webinars, and training programs has always been challenging for novice and experienced instructional designers and facilitators alike. As online events have been normalized for nearly all purposes in recent years (sales calls, project updates, collaborative work, team building, training, and more), virtual learning experts Kassy LaBorie and Tom Stone recognized that the need to interact and engage is more important than ever and that they were in a unique position to provide more resources and guidance to help people succeed in virtual meetings, webinars, and trainings.

The new, second edition of their book, Interact and Engage! 75+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars, provides practical tools for igniting online events and virtual training with the use of well-designed, facilitated activities. With over 75 activities given in easy-to-use, recipe format, it can be both read through initially and then used as a reference later. There is a wealth of important tips and advice in addition to the activities, but the activities are what differentiate this book from other virtual training, meetings, and webinar business books. 

It will be released by ATD Press on September 27, 2022, and available wherever books are sold.


“We are all being asked to up our game in today’s virtual learning space and the new edition of Interact and Engage! arrives just at the right time. Drawing from their extensive experience in the field of professional development, Kassy and Tom give us an insightful, pragmatic, and proven resource to help meet the challenge. This book is now my go-to reference when designing or refreshing virtual learning events, and I encourage others to pick up a copy and keep it close at hand.”

—Kevin D. Wilde, Executive Leadership Fellow, Carlson School of Management,
University of Minnesota; Former CLO, General Mills


“We aren’t using virtual meetings and virtual training to make the best of a bad situation anymore. This is the way we work and we’re not going back. Interact and Engage! is filled with practical tools and ideas trainers and meeting managers can use right now to create great virtual experiences.”

—John Coné, Principal, the 11th Hour Group


“A book like this can only come from years and years of experience. Interact and Engage! is an amazing compendium of training activities that readers can copy, tweak, and put into practice. I circled so many ideas that I will proudly use in my next virtual presentation. My hat is off to Kassy and Tom! Bravo!”

—Beverly Kaye, Author, Speaker, Thought Leader, 2018 ATD Lifetime Achievement Award


“If you want virtual delivery to deliver results, begin by designing your events with the tools and activities in this book. Kassy and Tom have once again given us a gift of clear, specific instructions on how to engage audiences in an environment where disengagement is so easy.”

—Patti P. Phillips, CEO, ROI Institute


“A month before the global pandemic changed our world and the learning profession forever, Kassy LaBorie brought the ideas of Interact and Engage! directly to our learning team. Our new skills helped us pivot from nearly a 100 percent in-person, instructor-led format to 100 percent virtual classroom learning in less than three months. The expertise Kassy and Tom shared equipped our team to have a rapid, positive, and long-lasting impact on our learners and our company.”

—Steve King, Vice President, Rich Talent Center, Rich Products Corporation


“When you need a great idea to liven up a virtual meeting or training session (and who doesn’t need that constantly today), this is the book for you! Kassy LaBorie and Tom Stone have created a masterful cornucopia of great exercises.”

—John Boudreau, PhD, Senior Research Associate and Emeritus


“I’ve seen Kassy Laborie present several times and I’m always in awe of her creativity and innovation. I bought this book because I need tools, games, and activities to get my participants off mute and engaged. This first three activities I pulled were a huge hit. If you purchase this book it would will be a great investment and won’t disappoint. AAA+++”

—Cheryl Patton


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