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Just Released! "What keeps getting your attention?"

Interview by Peace and Possibilities Podcast. This podcast focuses on how to be peaceful and happy during all stages of your career.

Kassy and Julie Bruns discuss some key questions to ask yourself including:

  • What do you value and what makes you happy?
  • What can’t you stop talking about and learning about?
  • Who can you reach out to that can help?
  • Who are you jealous of?
  • What keeps getting your attention?


Watch the video for the full podcast.

The Women Talking About Learning Podcast

"The Visual Design One" with Kassy LaBorie February 8, 2022

Training Business

"How do I produce world-class virtual training" with Kassy LaBorie April, 2021, interviewed by Mark Garrett Hayes

The L&D Lounge

“Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars,” February, 2021, interviewed by Yolanda Fraction

The Accidental Trainer

“Why You Need a Producer For Your Online Training,” February, 2021, interviewed by Lisa Spinelli

Virtual Training Lessons Learned

December, 2020, interviewed by Brian Washburn, CEO of Endurance Learning

IDIODC: Build Better Virtual Classroom Training

November 2020, interviewed by Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden

This Feels Right

July 2020, interviewed by Joel Silverstone. Also available at Apple Podcasts

Radical Talks

July 2020, interviewed by Joshua Davies

Learning Pro Intros – Episode 9

April 2020, interviewed by Nicole Papaioannou Lugara

Designing Webinars with Kassy LaBorie

February, 2020, interviewed by Brian Washburn, CEO of Endurance Learning

Online Virtual Facilitation with Kassy LaBorie

December, 2019, Off-the-Cuff podcast episode 45

Webinar REcordings

“3 Big Ideas For Producing Engaging Virtual Training”

April 26, 2021, Kassy LaBorie, Association for Talent Development

“Producing Engaging Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars”

January 19, 2021, Kassy LaBorie, Training Magazine Network

“5 Keys for Effective Virtual Classroom Training”

April 10, 2020, Kassy LaBorie, ATD – Member only

“Becoming a Virtual Trainer is a Hero’s Journey”

March 3, 2020, Kassy LaBorie, Training Magazine Network

“Interact and Engage! Activities for Spectacular Live Online Training”

August 1, 2019, Kassy LaBorie, Training Magazine Network