I’m KASSY LaBorie

“I help companies create stunning virtual training experiences. When people leave, they won’t talk about the tech issues. They’ll talk about what they learned!”

Programs Built for your Company’s Team: 

  • Virtual Trainers
  • Virtual Producers
  • Virtual Designers


I get it. You can’t offer all your training in-person anymore. But you still want virtual training experiences to be amazing!

If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.


Coaching for Trainers

I coach trainers on how to use platform features for interactions.


Virtual Platforms are like physical classrooms

A blackboard alone doesn’t inspire learning. A trainer does.


Become a Virtual Training Hero

Platform features don’t get results. Virtual Training Heroes do. Strategies are developed for virtual trainers, virtual producers, and virtual designers.


Your coach with the experience to tailor virtual training strategies to your goals.

I came into virtual training on the ground floor. (Video calls weren’t even a thing until 2003. I started in 1999.)

Everyone kept asking me, “That was cool. How did you do it?”

I love sharing my knowledge at conferences. At this point, I’ve spoken at 100+ events.

I’ve also written two books:

• Interact and Engage! 75+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars, recipes for your immediate use!
Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars, the first book focused exclusively on virtual producers!

But what I love most is making a difference by training teams and coaching individuals.

Today I coach learning and development professionals until they become virtual training heroes. I love hearing participants’ success stories!

I also feel grateful that I can help learning leaders. As a former decision-maker myself, I understand the pressures.

I worked as the Director of Virtual Training Services at Dale Carnegie. I was on the leadership team that developed the Dale Carnegie live online training product. It grew into a $4 million dollar business, even before the pandemic.

I understand what it takes to get results with virtual training. And that’s exactly how I help learning leaders.

Become a Training Hero. Contact me below.

the virtual trainers guide to becoming a hero

Free eGuide

The Virtual Trainer’s Guide
to Becoming a Hero 

Virtual trainers are heros. So are the producers and instructional designers that support them. In this eGuide, you will learn:

"She was great! Excellent energy and highly regarded subject matter expert. Excellent Presentation and Resources! A pleasure to watch for a new virtual presenter with years of in-person experience. Very engaging!!!"
"Outstanding! Love Kassy and the energy and joy she brings to virtual learning! Kassy is a great presenter and trainer. Thank you for the great (doable) ideas that will have a big impact!"