Interact and Engage! is available from many locations, but here are three notable online sources:

Barnes and Noble
ATD Press (the book’s publisher)

Free Stuff

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Book and Book-related Content

Virtual Platform Checklists

Example Virtual Classroom Materials

  • Sneak Peek – Prepare Your Participants to Learn Online!
    • Facilitator/Producer Manual and Slides
      (Note: this example is for GoToTraining so make sure to adjust it for your platform.)
  • Example chat assistance for virtual classroom and webinar production / producers



Event Handouts


  • ATD International Conference and Exposition – May, 2019
    May 21 Presentation: “SPECTACULAR Virtual Classroom Activities” (Handout and Slides)


  • Learning Solutions Conference and Expo – March 2019
    March 26 Presentation: “Interact and Engage! Activities for Spectacular Live Online Events” (Handout)


  • Training 2019 – February, 2019
    February 26 Presentation: “Do I Really Need a Virtual Classroom Producer?” (Handout and Slides)
    February 27 Presentation: “20 Virtual Classroom Strategies from 2 Master Trainers” (Handout)


  • ATD TechKnowledge – February, 2019
    February 6 & 7 Hands-On Lab: “All New Spectacular Virtual Classroom Activities” (Handout)


  • TLDC 2019 – January 2019 (The Training, Learning, and Development Conference)
    January 28 Presentation: “Interact and Engage! Activities for SPECTACULAR Live Online Events” (Handout)   


  • DevLearn – October, 2018
    October 26 Presentation: “Interact and Engage! Activities for Spectacular Live Online Events” (Handout)
  • ATD Core4 – October, 2018
    October 11 Presentation: “Virtual Classroom: From drab to FAB!” (Handout)
  • ATD #ROCTalent Conference – October, 2018
    October 5 Presentation: “Virtual Classroom: From drab to FAB!” (Handout)
  • Training 2018 – February 2018
    February 13 Presentation: “Advanced Virtual Classroom: Supercharge Your Online Training!” (Handout)
  • ATD TechKnowledge – January 2018
    January 24 Presentation: “Advanced Virtual Training: 20 Master Strategies” (with Karen Greenfield) (Handout)
    January 25 Hands-On Clinic: “Games, Activities, and Energizers for Live Online Training” (Handout)

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