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What happens after you become a virtual training hero?

You make small changes, but you're infinitely more effective.

You know when to mute yourself, for example. It gives participants time to think and you give yourself time to respond relevantly. That’s how you spark game-changing discussions, because you want participants to come away ready to try new ideas—and, more importantly, to not make mistakes. See a collection of virtual training company reviews below for Kassy LaBorie’s training services.

“What a great way to learn new skills and improve on my existing virtual facilitation skills, thoroughly enjoyable, engaging workshop in a safe fully supported space, would recommend to anyone that wants to improve and have more engaging virtual technology meetings and training session, well done and thank you Kassy and the team for an enjoyable and fun training experience”.
Pepsi Co
These are very good, practical, and easy to implement ideas. I will be able to use these right away.
- Conference attendee
Looking forward to trying the activities, and looking forward to getting the book!
- Conference attendee
This was just what I needed. Kassy provided actual activities to use on my webinars and online training that will take my interactions to the next level. Great content.
- Conference attendee
Final Day of the Online Virtual Producer course. This has 100% been a revealing, effective and amazing week of learning. I've met so many wonderful people, all with insights and experiences that enrich this class so much. If you ever get a chance to take anything facilitated by Kassy LaBorie I'd highly recommend!
- Cindy Buckle, Online Virtual Producer Course Attendee

You leave awkward silence behind.

There’s nothing worse than a group that won’t talk. It kills the energy in the room. Then, no one learns. Interactions make virtual training feel like the in-person classroom. 

Your learners will start asking questions, sharing their experiences, collaborating with each other, guiding the conversation, and learning how to improve. No one will feel too nervous or embarrassed to jump into learning. Instead, they’ll return to their jobs excited to implement new tactics and you’ll maintain your learning culture.

Lively and engaging session. Provided substantive tools that I can implement to improve the participation in online training.
- Conference attendee
Session was great! As a trainer for a global company, I’m often on WebEx and asked to give training over a live meeting. I hate doing them because 2-way communication is difficult over the phone and I felt they were so ineffective they were really just a waste of everyone’s time. I now have some great ideas on how to make them worthwhile, and can’t wait to go use them and try to “break” WebEx! Best hands-on session of the conference!
- Conference attendee

After 20 years, it is proven that my approach gets results. You’ll leave any of my sessions with immediately actionable tips.

See more virtual training company reviews below:

"Kassy is the best. Period. The best. I learned so much from her a few years ago when my employer, a publicly held regional banking organization, hired her to help us deliver live online training the best way possible. If you want to learn how to do distance or live online learning the right way, work with her -- you won't regret it."
Roland Prevost, M.A.
Sr. Change Management Consultant
"I couldn't miss Kassy's "Virtual Training Hero" session at ATD 2022, where we learned about ways to enhance our virtual training facilitation skills. Among my key takeaways were ways to directly interact with attendees, how to look your best on webcam, the value of remaining quiet on purpose, and many more. On top of that, I got my Virtual Training Hero pin!"
Karina Cervantes
Senior Training & Development Specialist
"🎉 Kassy LaBorie, your "Escape Games and Other Irresistible Virtual Training Activities!" session was truly fantastic!

Being a virtual trainer myself, I visit practically every session on this topic, as I'm eager to keep up with new technologies, methods, and innovations in learning.

Dear Kassy LaBorie, you're doing really A LOT for the industry. At the session, you've shown in detail how to make virtual training engaging (yes, it takes an effort!) with games, group activities, ice breakers, exercises in Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx and other popular online services. Of course, it's not that easy and may take weeks to design, but happy, inspired and engaged trainees say it all!

I'm sure that Kassy LaBorie's "Interact and Engage" book (I've already read 😀) with 75+ activities for virtual training, meetings, and webinars is a must-have for every instructional designer or a trainer today. I completely agree with the idea that "virtual training is equal to and, in some cases, better than in-person training"💪🏻"
Tamara Kocharova
Kassy LaBorie had so many practical tips at #ATDTK! It was hard narrowing them down to three! I highly recommend you attend her sessions, even if you’re not in the virtual class/webinar world. Here’s 3 tips you can apply next week!
The following is an abbreviated email excerpt: “Thank you for your kind note below. Sending you yummy macaroons was seriously the LEAST I could do to thank you for your partnership with [company name] and the amazing work you are doing prepping my team to be best in class virtual facilitators. Moreover, I appreciate the flexibility, patience, and accommodation you have shown the team throughout our journey into the virtual instructor-led learning space. I look forward to the continued partnership!”
Senior Director of Global Learning
Global Hospitality Chain
The following is an email excerpt: “I wanted to provide you with a few thoughts about how Kassy has helped us in learning to be better virtual facilitators. To a person, every participant has had very positive things to say about the program and Kassy. Comments like: ‘So this is what a real professional facilitator looks like’ abound. Kassy has the ability to keep everyone engaged, which I know is not trivial. Her preparation and personal relationships with our team make the training something we want to be part of, as opposed to something we have to do. I truly believe the participants will be sad when this program ends, and that alone is a remarkable thought when you think about the usual reaction to any form of training, let alone virtual. Quite a testimony to the program and to Kassy.”
Director of Talent Management
Multinational Chemical Manufacturer
“As an alum of Kassy’s certificate workshop, the skills learned will be well worth your time. Through this course, I’ve been able to recreate my online delivery style and develop a learning atmosphere that rivals any of my traditional classroom settings. The more I commit to these tactics, the more enjoyable the learning environment becomes – not only for the participants but for myself as well. Kassy has truly helped me bridge the online divide!"
Colin DeCair, MSHRE , AVP
Associate Development Manager
Kassy is the best. The more time that you spend with her the better your training products will become.
Matt Barwick
Training Program Manager at Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.
The virtual facilitator class was absolutely amazing. Kassy provided tons of resources, introduced me to tools that I hadn’t used before, and still managed to keep everything bite-sized and FUN! It was so interactive, and I took away way more than expected. Since the class, I have facilitated 10 workshops using ideas and skills I learned from Kassy to keep the reps engaged and asking for more. I highly recommend this class for any level of presenter/facilitator.
Amber Kraus
Talent & Revenue Enablement Manager at Data Axel USA
If you're attending any of these conferences, DO NOT MISS taking in one of Kassy LaBorie's session! She's one of the best - I've been a fan of hers for years and years! (Since the early 2000's). She knows her stuff!
Tricia Steege M.Ed
Change Strategist & Advisor | Speaker, Author, & Facilitator at Transformation Strategies
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