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Workshops & Webinars

Don’t change your learning culture – change your strategies.

Imagine if you had a cheat sheet designed just for your team. . . 

A launch sequence for your learning culture. Unique hands-on activities for your learning objectives. All designed with your learners’ needs in mind. Learn more about Workshops & Webinars below.

1 Session -Virtual training hero workshops for quick wins

It just got a whole lot harder to host boring virtual sessions...

What is a Virtual Training Workshop?

1 Session, 1 Hour, Interactive Learning

If you are looking for a quick afternoon of interactive learning and actionable takeaways, Workshops are for you.

The one-session workshops consists of collaborative discussion in smaller groups and takes 1 hour with Kassy. Workshops are great for quick and actionable learning.


BreakOUTS You Won't Want to BreakUP With!

Why is it that some participants choose to leave a virtual training session as soon as the breakout activities are announced? 

Are we not avoiding lectures by adding small group activities to a learning program? Isn’t this the engagement participants have wanted all along? What has happened and more importantly, what can be done about it? 

Additionally, what are some of the techniques to make breakouts run smoothly? This session reveals creative ways can we provide clear information to participants and give them the time they need to be successful. Let’s discover this together in my latest workshop on breakout sessions!

Facilitate and Design Irresistible Virtual Training

Learning online is now commonplace. Unfortunately, engaging attendees to participate, to come on camera, and to unmute can be like “herding cats,” as the saying goes. What better way than to challenge them with an activity like an escape game? Establishing a comfortable, safe, and technically sound online learning environment is essential. Meaningful and relevant activities are the secret.

Like tasty treats and fresh catnip, attendees will be unable to resist actively participating in your virtual training when you use these learning activities and a “never fail” debrief strategy to involve them! Invite participants to take charge of their learning and experience virtual training like they’ve never seen before.

Producing Virtual Training That Doesn't Suck

Keeping virtual learners, meeting participants, or webinar attendees engaged is a challenge. In addition, virtual trainers must also master the technical side of the experience often referred to a virtual production. Commanding the technical aspects of virtual delivery is critical to online participant engagement. The art of virtual production combines a unique skill set that balances deep platform knowledge with multitasking agility. All of this while calming everyone down before panic can be heard through the mute!

Yet, these skills alone do not create an engaged team. It’s the relationships people build, the bonds they form, the shared experiences, both challenging and successful, that create the team, or the “tribe” that sticks together. Ultimately, being online and in person doesn’t feels the same, once those relationships are created and allowed to thrive.

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1 Hour Presentation
Recording available for 30 days

Webinars are a great option to come listen & learn to a quick presentation. 

Webinars are typically 1 hour and attended by hundreds of people (sometimes one thousand people!) who are looking for quick virtual training tips and takeaways.

Webinars are in presentation format and recordings are available to you for 30 days.

Our Happy Clients

What Clients are Saying

“We brought Kassy back because she gives such incredible value. She’s a hit with our teams both globally and in-house. You can take one or two things and apply them right away. For example, you slightly tweak the way you do a debrief and think, “Oh, that was infinitely more effective.” Not because I didn't do a debrief before, but because I didn't use Kassy’s method.”
Lindsey Tilley
Senior Training and Development Specialist, Amway


My answer to most questions – “I’m Flexible”

No problem! I have training using WebEx, Adobe Connect, MS Teams, and more.

We find dates and times that work for both our schedules. 

Participants attend from their own computer. For the best experience, they should have an independent workspace and audio connection. I manage the virtual learning with Host access (provided by you). I can also Host in my own Zoom room if you prefer.

Don’t worry. Each session is recorded and participants can do make-up assignments.

Become a Virtual tRaining Hero

75-Minute Workshops*

Kassy is now offering public workshops! Free book with registration. Join us!