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3 Virtual Classroom Questioning Strategies

Earth to all virtual classroom trainers, we have a problem! Are you there? Can you hear me? The participants are not answering questions and interacting with us in our live online sessions! We try and try and yet many virtual trainers complain of resorting to begging...

Kassy LaBorie’s 10 Master Strategies for ReadyTech Instructors

There is no question that engaging virtual audiences can be extremely difficult for novice instructors, as well as for experienced ones. Kassy LaBorie, instructional designer, author and principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting, describes how to break the mold...

Virtual Classroom Drab to Fab Guest Post By Kassy

All too often, virtual and live, online classes are just…well…drab. No doubt, it’s a challenge to facilitate learning in an engaging way in any environment, but it seems doubly hard online. The participants are rarely as responsive as when meeting face-to-face, and...

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