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Virtual Training Hero Tip #8
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Virtual Training Hero Tip #8

This quick virtual training hero tip was originally posted on LinkedIn in April, 2020. To get my latest tips, connect with me there!

Use My Virtual Trainer’s Mantra to Create Active Learning

  • Who can’t wait to have slides read to them?
  • Who’s excited to hold all the questions until the end?
  • Who’s thrilled to listen to long explanations without pause?

Virtual training often defaults to presenting content via lecture with a call for questions at the end. Participants tune out, work on other projects, and do not actively learn when they are not engaged.

You have the power to change this! When designing and delivering your virtual training, ask yourself the following questions and make the necessary changes that will be in the best interest of the reason you are there… your participants!

What did I just say that I could have let the participants say?
What did I just do that I could have let the PARTICIPANTS do?

Must I read those bullets or could they have read them and then used annotation tools to indicate which ones they want to review in depth?

Must I lecture the process or could I tell a story or create a scenario, and ask participants to collaborate on meaning and application?

Give it a try! Don’t forget to use the features of your platform to let them say and do instead of you!

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