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Virtual Training Hero Tip #17
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Virtual Training Hero Tip #17

Use Polling as a Quiz to Break up a Lecture or a Demo

This quick virtual training hero tip was originally posted on LinkedIn in May, 2020. To get my latest tips, connect with me there!

Those of you who know me likely also know that my two least favorite things to do in a virtual training are:

  1. Ask (beg) for volunteers.
  2. Use polling.

Don’t get me started on why I don’t like asking (begging) for volunteers! I’ll save that for another post. But I also don’t really like using polls because they are controlling.

BUT WAIT! Recently, I was an attendee to another trainer’s session where they walked us through a complex software demonstration. She “quizzed” us every few moments with a question or two and I LOVED it! I’m a tad competitive and wanted to get them ALL CORRECT! So this made me listen more closely, knowing the quiz was coming!

Now I love polling and am looking for ways to build quizzes into sections of my training where I know I will be talking a lot.

Keep engaging your live online participants and let’s talk if you have a team that needs to become Virtual Training Heroes!

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