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Virtual Training Hero Tip #10
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Virtual Training Hero Tip #10

This quick virtual training hero tip was originally posted on LinkedIn in April, 2020. To get my latest tips, connect with me there!

If you need the control, use a poll.
If open-ended is where it’s at, use chat.

Which feature should I use when designing this learning activity? There are quite a few features to choose from when planning your virtual training programs so deciding which one is right might be confusing.

  • A poll requires you to create the possible choices, so if you only need their opinion from a specific list, use polling.
  • A chat is completely open ended, so when you need to brainstorm a list of ideas, or want to have an open dialogue, using chat will be most effective.

Consider your learning objective and the experience you want to create when choosing which feature you want to use. Polling and chat are just two examples. Stay tuned for more ideas on the other ones!

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