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Virtual Producer

CertificatION Description

4 online sessions, time spaced, 2-hours each

An immersive skill building experience of engaging online training with examples, practice and coaching.

Four, 2-hour live online sessions, designed to empower you to provide the technically support needed to produce virtual events with confidence! Participants immerse themselves in a live online training world, participate in discussion, both on and offline, if possible, practice learning online, explore and learn their virtual classroom platform, and prepare to support trainers, presenters, and participants to use web conferencing platforms for live online events.


Session 1: Developing the Technical Knowledge and Skills to Produce Virtual Events

What is virtual event production, type of prodcuers and platforms and the skills needed to be successful.

  • Develop strategies for learning any web conferencing platform
  • Use a variety of features and tools to effectively support a live online event
  • Troubleshoot solutions to fix features when the online event does not function as planned

Session 2: Supporting Participants, Trainers, Presenters, and the Technology to Create a Successful Online Environment

Provide the best and most effective support to everyone in a live online training, including the most common troubleshooting areas and solutions.

  • Assist participants to join and stay connected to the online event
  • Partner with trainers, presenters, and other event leaders to prepare for an effective session
  • Analyze issues and problems to offer solutions for running and maintaining an effective event

Session 3: Developing a Producer’s Digital Presence

Bringing it all together to create an effective environment, one that s technically supported and set up to run smoothly and clearly.

  • Listen to the cues from session leaders and participants to provide necessary and often preemptive support
  • Present technical directions and answers quickly, clearly, and accurately
  • Maintain a professional appearance when producing live online events

Session 4: Produce a Live Online Event

Produce and deliver an introductory virtual activity focused on getting participants ready to use the platform. 

  • Produce and present an assigned participant preparation activity
  • Receive coaching and feedback
  • Create an action plan for future successful production of live online events

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