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Certificate Description

Live Online (virtual instructor-led) training has become a standard for learning teams all over the world. Virtual classroom technology enables learning and development teams to reach all audiences, at any time of the day, with just a simple internet connection. But let’s face it, creating engaging programs for this type of technology is an immense challenge. It requires both technical knowledge and the ability to apply sound instructional design techniques so that the trainer and producer are enabled to deliver online learning events that filled with interactive participants, not passive attendees.

This 4-session, live online certificate helps you to identify, develop, and practice the necessary skills to become savvy online virtual designers. The certificate also addresses what you need to do adjust your individual beliefs around online learning, and how your organization can begin to make the shifts necessary to support a virtual learning culture.

Application on the Job

  • Identify the online meeting technology features used to create engaging online training like chat, whiteboard, polling, and breakouts.
  • Prepare virtual instructor led materials following current design approaches.
    Select appropriate virtual instructional strategies and activities that engage online learners.
  • Develop engaging learning activities that prepare participants and ensure learning transfer in an online event.
  • Design live online activities, following the principles taught and practiced in the live + online learning sessions.


Session 1: Instructional Design for Spectacular Virtual Classroom Training
Introductions, foundation for virtual instructional design, and a demonstration of a model engaging live online training session.

  • Describe how engaging live online training events are designed and delivered using a 3-Step Virtual Activity Design Process
  • Determine the appropriate level of interaction to design impactful live online training.
  • Analyze activities for specific engagement techniques to apply to your own programs.


Session 2: Creating Engaging Virtual Classroom Environments
Prepare participants to effectively learn online and analyze the features of the live online training platform to create engaging learning environments.

  • Prepare participants to launch effective learning (learn online)
  • Create effective solutions using the features of the platform (use features)
  • Avoid the specific areas that cause the most trouble (troubleshoot)


Session 3: ‘Next Level’ Virtual Classroom Design Techniques, Skills, & Solutions
Develop the specific design skills required to ensure learning transfer in an online event.

  • Design materials to support demonstration and delivery of trainer / producer skills
  • Create solutions for learning activities like role playing, coaching, and virtual labs
  • Engage learners using additional online tools and resources (mobile, ind. study, social media)


Session 4: Virtual Classroom Activity Showcase
Walkthrough an activity designed by you for feedback and coaching from the instructor and certificate peers.

  • Present and walk through your own activity
  • Receive coaching and feedback
  • Create an action plan for future successful design of virtual classroom training events

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