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How to Get Virtual Participants to Appear on Camera

Virtual Training Heroes – Webcam Tip

Have you ever struggled getting participants to want to turn on their webcams?

Try this:

  • Ask them a question but request they do not answer verbally!
  • Suggest they change their virtual background to respond.
  • Send background pictures from which they may choose ahead of time, or let them choose their own.
how to get participants to appear on camera

Here is a quick video explaining how this works:

Example questions:

Where do you WISH you were located today?
What was your superpower result, Transformation, Innovation, Connection, or Spark?

Idea: Break them into small groups, sorted by their answers to discuss.

This activity can be found on page 182 of our book, Interact and Engage! 75+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars.

Do you have your copy? Learn more about the book here.

What is your go to activity or one that you have recently had success using in your #VirtualTraining? Start a conversation on LinkedIn!

Cool drawing of the activity made by the wonderful and talented Lisa Rothstein, Brand Storyteller

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