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Virtual Training Hero Tip 3


Virtual Training Hero Tip #3

This quick virtual training hero tip was originally posted on LinkedIn in March, 2020. To get my latest tips, connect with me there!

Use a producer when training online!

Trainer – Content & Meaning
Producer – Technology & Logistics

Trying to manage the launching of polls, the flow of chat, the muting & un-muting, and the setup of breakouts just to name a few, takes knowledge, skill, and focus.

These are referred to as the “production tasks” associated with running a successful and engaging live online training, but they take your focus away from the sharing of your message and content, & importantly, the participant’s connection to it!

Don’t have a Producer?

  • The First 15: Ask someone to help you just for the beginning when most technical help is needed.
  • Take a Break: Give participants a break and setup the breakouts during that time.
  • Contact The Virtual Learning Collaborative: They have producers who can help. Email Sonia Furini & her team! (link to her in comments)

When training online… be your best by using a Producer to assist with the technology so you can focus on your participants!

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