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Certificate Description

Live Online (virtual instructor-led) training has become a standard for learning teams all over the world. Virtual classroom technology enables learning and development teams to reach all audiences, at any time of the day, with just a simple internet connection. But let’s face it, learning to engage your audience using this type of technology is an immense challenge. It requires a unique skill set that combines using virtual presentation, facilitation, and design techniques with technical knowledge to skillfully deliver online learning events.
This 4-session workshop guides individuals and organizations to identify, develop, and practice the necessary skills to become savvy instructional designers for virtual classroom training. The certificate also addresses what is required to be properly prepared to deliver online, what one needs to do adjust their individual beliefs around online learning, and how an organization can begin to make the shifts necessary to support a virtual learning culture.

Application on the Job

Topics Overview

Topic 1: Choose Activities for Spectacular Virtual Classroom Training
How do we create real learning experiences in a virtual classroom? Is there anything more to it than using chat and polling? Analyze the features of the live online training platform in order to create engaging learning environments.

Topic 2: Develop Activities for Spectacular Virtual Classroom Training
Develop activities to ensure learning transfer in an online event.

Topic 3: Prepare Trainers and Participants to Use the Virtual Classroom
Create instructions for trainers to deliver and produce virtual classes and prepare participants to effectively learn online.

Topic 4: Application + Practice: Create a Spectacular Virtual Classroom Activity
Create an activity then receive feedback and coaching from the instructor and certificate peers.

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