Webinars Don’t Have to be Lectures!

I love webinars!Actually, I love presenting them more than attending them. In a post for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) I explain what I mean when I say I love webinars. In the article I share: Strategies to manage interaction and avoid lecture For example: Use the feedback tools to track your audience reactions. Ask open […]

Making Learning Connections & the Use of Intentional Silence in Virtual Training

3 step never fail debrief process for virtual training

Kassy’s 3-Step, “Never Fail” Debrief Process The use of learning activities for interactive and engaging delivery in the virtual classroom is highly effective and it is equally important to consider how to respond to participant interactions. All too often, virtual trainers are up against time constraints and distracted by managing technology. As a result, they […]

Engaging Virtual Participants – You Can Do It!

Engage virtual participants-you can do it! If you are a virtual presenter, facilitator, or trainer and you want better engagement and interaction from your participants (note what I did there, participants, not attendees), then take some time to honestly ask yourself the following questions, also known as The Virtual Trainer’s Mantra: What did I say […]